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Introducing Tim Gillespie's first solo album, Songs From The Mountains. This is a compilation of 9 songs featuring the guitar and singing work of Tim. You can listen to each song in entirety by clicking the Listen button above.

Tim's Favorite GuitarsThe instruments used include a Fender Stratocaster, a Fender Telecaster, A fender Acoustasonic Telecaster, several midi controllers (think keyboards) and some drum programming. All instruments are preformed by Tim, including all lead work. There are no other musicians on any of these recordings. the drums were also programmed by Tim. All the songs are original songs written by Tim.

You can purchase and download each song as well as the entire album. These songs are available for purchase as download only presently.

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Notice: Only Pickin In The Sun Video and Songs From The Mountains videos are available. The rest of the videos will be published once a few things are wrapped up! It should be within a few weeks.

The songs are all done and available for purchase now. Click the purchase button to buy them now.

This site features the music of Tim Gillespie and his debut solo album "Songs From The Mountains".

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