Statment Of Privacy

Tim and Mountain Studios have been serving consumers on the Internet since 1995. All that time we have been transacting safely and securely. That is how we do business. We use a Paypal system because they do all the heavy lifting to keep us all safe. We pass you to Paypal to complete your transaction using either your Paypal account or your credit card. Either one works. We accept all four major credit cards.

Here is our Statement Of Privacy

We share nothing! Everything is held confidential. EVERYTHING! We do not sell data! We do not rent lists of our customers! We keep very little data on site and no financial data at all. Paypal has it all!

We are here to serve you, we do it simply and safely. And everything you share with us is held confidential. And thank you for stopping by!

Uncle Tim began publishing the Uncle Tim Series for Guitar in 1995. It is a visually based guitar theory method accepted world wide. Click below to view comments about The Uncle Tim Series for Guitar at the website linked below.

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