Song: Missing You


Missing You

Step after step
Night after night
Climb up the tent
put out the light

And I am missing you
Thinking of kissing you

It seems like I left
you so long ago
My only companion is
this dry dusty road

And I am missing you
Reminiscing of you

I don’t care what it takes
I wont sleep tonight
I’ll be out of this canyon
in less than a night

Cause I am missing you
Thinking of caressing you

Things used to be so simple and clear
Roaming the mountains till light disappears

But now I’m missing you
Insisting for you
I knew what I wanted a long time ago
before all the daydreams of being with you
When I was chasing you

I know that you noticed the very same day
When you looked at me in your quiet way
When I was making my stand, and you were holding my hand.

I don’t care what it takes, I am leaving this night
Casting off fears, in the depths of twilight

Cause I am missing you
Obsessing for you,

Cold October wind led to snowy flight
With miles to go before the end of the night
And the northwestern winds blows over the rim
My choices are slim

I picture myself running away with you
All thru the forests our hearts beating as two
Making Love to you

I know what you wanted, I know how you go
You settled on me a very long time ago
And now I am missing you

I’ve seen all those Southern Bells before,
At the wishing well and could have lost my way
But I’m coming home today

I’m tired of dreary, rainy nights, The trails and hills just re ignite
That I’m missing you
Dismissing everything that isn’t you




Song Background!

Through the long years I have been able to travel extensively. My favorite places are mostly centered around the mountains, canyons and deserts of the American West.

I have been on hundreds of very high quality trips that often extends beyond a week, sometimes over a month. Many times these trips are alone, often times in deep wilderness. Who else can take this kind of time off?

So many times I have been deep in a canyon or off in a remote area only to be stricken with a sense of longing for my wife, family and home. It never fails! Every time!

So one day when I went into the studio, with nothing on my mind, I thought I think I'll write a song about how much I miss my wife when I am away from her.

This memory takes place in a deep canyon, one of many, all of them very difficult to climb out of. At times I just want to be done with it all and back home. If I am in wilderness and something is out of sorts in my life, it will immediately impress upon me the issues, all the time while climbing or hiking.

Head games are the norm, particularly when I am alone. Early in these trips this is manageable of me, but as the trip nears the end, thoughts of home come flooding in. The thoughts of being home with a hot cooked meal snuggled up with the Fam, is just too much. I obsess over it, all in a good way.

So there you have it.

Note: Most of these songs are about my wife.