Song: What Do You See

What Do You See

When you look at me, what do you see
Do you just see me singing back to thee
Is there any chance you see more than me
Singing a song and hoping it’s worthy

When you look at me is there much to see
Do you see all the struggles that help define me
Can you sit in your chair and feel love in the air
Or is it all just sitting there waiting for you
To know, to know that love is true

There is one thing that is clear to me
You cannot know anything you can see
If you want to know who you really are
Close your eyes and look deeply inside

Cause it’s all just there waiting for you

When you hear my pick and it’s melody
Does it make you think, there might be more to me
Can your mind see, the depth in me
Hey, Are you smiling at me?

It brings out the love in me

When you look at the world, what do you see
Everybody seems to be mad at me
We have hurt them before. So they settle the score
Makes them anxious for war

Or is it all just there waiting for you

We look past each other whereever we go
We dispose of people, our friends that we know
We act like we not even attached
We hurt each other like hungry rats

Or is it all just there waiting for you

If our problems can be solved
then this can be too
The world is just waiting for me and you
To find love in our hearts and give it back on queue
Hey, It’s what were suppose to do.
To build a new world, a new world for me and you

There is one thing that is clear to me
You cannot know anything you can see
If you want to know who you really are
Close your eyes and look inside to the stars

Or is it all just dust waiting for you
Are we all just waiting, for that big break thru

Song Background!

Okay this one will raise some eyebrows. Oh well, here goes.

Thru many meditative sessions, yoga sessions and a very deep study of the teachings of Dr. Walter Russell I have been made aware of how things work around here (meaning the Universe). Not to get too deep but the people of this planet are beginning to wake up to the notion that LOVE IS THE ANSWER. Some of us know now. Some of us have been practicing this for a long time now.

This song is about the process of waking up to a greater understanding of everything around you. That effect is bound by causation. And if you understand causation, effect can be managed.

The idea of the Fifth Kingdom is new to this world, but the math has been figured out by astrologists long ago. We have been thru four Kingdoms already (mineral, plant, animal, material man) and recently we have entered the Fifth Kingdom, the Kingdom of Spiritual man. The vision for the way forward. It is simple and it is not magic. It is a way of living and practicing BALANCE.

For those of us who seek balance, let me share the Law of Love with you right now. Reprinted with Permission from the University of Science and Philosophy.

THE LAW OF BALANCE is the Law of Love upon which the universe is founded.

"This law is given to man for his coming renaissance of greater comprehension. It is, of all laws, the most inclusive and the most simple. It consists of but three words. These three words are the very foundation of all our material existence, all phenomena of matter or interchange between humans, economically, socially and spiritually."

I will read to you from THE DIVINE ILIAD.

"Great Art is simple. My universe is great art, for it is simple.”

"Great art is balanced. My universe is consummate art, for it is balanced simplicity.”

"My universe is one in which many things have majestic measure; and again another many have measure too fine for sensing.”

"Yet I have not one law for majestic things, and another law for things which are beyond the sensing.”

"I have but one law for all My opposed pairs of creating things; and that law needs but one word to spell it out, so hear Me when I say that the one word of My one law is BALANCE."

"And if man needs two words to aid him in his knowing of the workings of that law, those words are: BALANCED INTERCHANGE.”

"If man still needs more words to aid his knowing of My one law, give to him another one, and let those three words be: RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE."