Song: Hope



Sometimes my friends would ask me
to explain how I often vote
About which platforms I support and
And to which party I am devote

There is a simple answer but it still takes some thought
It’s the same thing I have done those 10 times
Every four years, every national vote

I give it all to humanity
I give it to those in need
I give my vote to love and women and children
I give it to charity

I give it all to the world
I give it to every race indeed
I give it to migrants and workers and farmers and folks
I give it all to humanity,

Has it ever thought as life as a play
And everything but us is but a prop
Then maybe none of it matters and all of it leaves
And each other is all that we’ve got

In a world where we have everything we need
Why would I want to just think of me
I give it all up in the name of love and peace
I save nothing back for me.

I never thought of which side I support
It was never a decision to me
When one of our loved one are deep in need
We are all Bleeding Hearts indeed!


Song Background!

I was in a meeting with a very powerful Republican and her very liberal partner. We were talking about how we spend or vote.

I say we, but I really mean them. I was a web consultant and certainly could not give my opinion. My professional standards would not allow it.

But it started me thinking about how I spent my vote. For some reason my first thoughts were how difficult it was to vote in Terre Haute, Indiana. I went to Indiana State University for three semesters and in order to vote, I had to make my way downtown. It was not easy.

I am very proud to say I have never missed a Presidential vote. I may have missed some off year elections, but never a national election.

I started to reaize I never keep my vote for myself. It always goes to the members of my commnity that are most in need. I never really even thought about it until attending that meeting where others were sharing their thoughts. Mostly about economic interests and lowering tax liabilities.

I kept quiet. But I remain hopeful!

Love. Only Love.