Song: Mendocino Way


Mendocino Way

I think it’s time to take a roadtrip
I think I am leaving today
I kinda thinking California
In a Mendocino kind of way

I might just start on Hwy 1
Right off the coast it’s just me
I think I’ll visit some redwoods
And walk em right down to the Sea

And if you want I’ll find you home
I won’t bring anyone I’ll just come alone
And if you like I’ll set you free
I take you to wonders, just you and me.

I think it’s time to take a roadtrip
I think I’m leaving today
I kinda missing California
In a Mendocino kind of way

And after driving in our car
Past Ukiah, the highway and all of the bars
We might just make it up the Humboldt coast
I like the forests of Jedediah the most

I want to see the sparkle in your eyes
And the smile on your face as we boast
Of the fun we had on the coast today
In that special Mendo way

I want to see the Sun on your face
Want to drink the wine back at your place
I’ll make my camp right under the trees
Above the Mendo highlands breeze

This isn’t about just seeing some place
This is really about loving your face
And if somehow I can get to you
Well travel thru the forests and see something new.

And when we leave and come back home
We know any time we feel alone
We can always come back up the coast
Look out to the Sunset and give em a toast

I think it’s time to take a roadtrip
I think I am leaving today
I kinda thinking California
In a Mendocino kind of way


Song Background!

A few years back, my daughter worked in a hospital of the criminally insane (true) in California, and we would drive out to see her. After attempting to get into Muir Woods and having to park down by Stinson Beach instead, we decided to hike the Redwoods the right way.

We planned to do all 25 miles of 5 star redood hikes. This took us all the way from San Francisco to the Oregon border. We met locals at breakfast and dinner and hiked 23 of the 25 miles we intended to. The final two miles we missed were located in a grove that was opposite of the wine. Guess which choice we picked?

I did this with my wife, Sara and our two daughters. we hiked, we laughed and I was the designated driver as we toured the many fine vineyards in Sonoma and Napa counties. It's a way to give back for all the things they do for me.

This song is again dedicated to my wife but with a twist. Her lifelong best friend lives in Marin County with one of my best friends. I hooked them up!

And they came up and spent the day with us in Sonoma. It was wonderful and I had visions of meeting Sara, but was thinking of her friend. She is also a very good friend of mine! So this song is about both of them.

Hey, at one point, she listed me as alternate husband material! So there!

Go see the California coast and come to understand why it is so important to protect these great forests and costal water ways.